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Informatics Studies

Informatics Studies is a peer reviewed international journal published quarterly in English and its online version is published since  2022. It is  supported by  Centre for Informatics Research and Development. The journal is intended to focus on –Information Infrastructures, Knowledge Management, Institutional Repositories, Digital Library/Archive, Cloud Computing Solutions for Libraries, Unicode, Multi-linguality and Interoperability Issues, Thesauri and Ontologies, Semantics, Metadata and Retrieval, Resources Discovery Solutions, Online Resources Usability Issues, Open Access Initiatives, OAI –PMH, MARC 21, Consortia, IPR, Information Literacy, Training and education of Professionals, Performance Measurement and Metrics, Setting Service Quality Standards etc. It has print and online versions.  

Volume 10 (2) Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics has emerged as an important interdisciplinary field providing new insights in biology. From understanding disease mechanisms to identifying new species, bioinformatics tools and biological databases have transformed biological research beyond imagination. Bioinformatics has provided scientists with novel approaches to analyze enormous amount of biological data, simulation tools to study molecular interactions and applications for function prediction. Selected issues of Informatics Studies will be devoted to bioinformatics covering various analysis approaches, current trends, developments and challenges in bioinformatics, and its role in the advancement of life science research.